Archives: Testimonials

Kimberly C.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Stone Edge Design Inc. I am not sure who the company owner / owner’s are but I must say I give you a two thumbs up.

Rob and Fran

Thank you for being you, a person of sincere trust and honesty in delivering us a beautiful pool to enjoy and admire for many years to come.

Deborah Niles

I want to thank you for the beautiful deck and for the way you communicated with me throughout this process. You were very professional, courteous and worked efficiently and did a thorough job.

Joan and Dick Leaver

All in all a most pleasant experience with Stone Edge Design (whom we would highly recommend) from beginning to end.

Angela and Jeff Hastings

We are happy we chose Stone Edge Design. In fact, everyone who has visited cannot believe their eyes! We love our pool and enjoyed the entire summer. Including the “bubbly” pool as our twins call it.

Ken and Dorothy Skelley

We are so happy with our decision to build a pool and we are so fortunate to have worked with such a professional, top-notch crew. And we can’t wait for the summer’s first splash! Thanks again for everything.

Geoffrey Cote

Thank you for teams dedication, honesty, customer service, and support. I will always make Stone Edge Design the only company I reference when a friend or acquaintance is looking for the BEST pool company going!!

Earl F. Metzler | Quincy, MA

Several unforeseen problems were addressed and taken care of almost immediately. I also must commend you for being available to 24/7 as we completed the project. I know how rare it is in this day an age to get that kind of commitment.

Ted & Holly Jenkins

It was amazing the way Stone Edge could turn a vision into some plans and then eventually a final identical completed project. The best news was that although it was an expensive project, because it had been well thought out by Stone Edge, it was completed in accordance with our agreed upon budget.


Thank you! The guys did a great job on my wall and walkway! There were so polite and professional. I will definitely call you again for future work and will recommend you to everyone I know! Thanks again!