After searching and consulting with several pool companies last September, my husband Jeff and I chose Stone Edge Design’s bid to install our in ground pool. We Want you to know we were very pleased with how each phase was conducted and professionalism of your staff. Mr. James Spano’s friendly and knowledgeable personality reflected a comforting feeling for us and was always available to answer our numerous questions. We took his offer to visit your pool and one of your client’s pool to help decide the choices we needed to make. We thank him again.

In addition, Mr. Richard O’Reilly is to be commended for his outstanding ability to oversee every aspect of the pool installation. His delightful, humorous personality and attitude, yet expert advice and explanations during the construction phases, reinforced our confidence. His availability was at our fingertips. As a matter of fact, we thank the entire crew who worked with Richard. Their performance was exceptional, timely and courteous. We were very pleased.

We are happy we chose Stone Edge Design. In fact, everyone who has visited cannot believe their eyes! We love our pool and enjoyed the entire summer. Including the “bubbly” pool as our twins call it.

Sad to say though, today we closed the pool. It will be greatly missed. We have and will continue recommending Stone Edge Design to our friends and neighbors. Stone Edge Design is outstanding in their business.

Lastly, may we point out our neighbor Mr. Quinby was so impressed with our pool he wanted our recommendation before choosing Stone Edge Design. See you in the Spring!

I want to express my appreciation for the good and hard work done by the decko-sealing crew that came last week to finish our pool restoration project. Kyle was very courteous and personable in coming to the door to let me know that they were here and going to be in the pool area. He also returned to let me know when they were finished and ready to leave.

Our kitchen slider and window look out onto the pool area and every time I looked out, both men were busy with the job at hand, working meticulously on completing the deck seal. Not all the crews were as respectful of our property as Kyle and his co-worker were ~ they had also been here for the prepping of the pool for the plastering and were just as courteous and attentive to each little detail.

In a time when customers are apt to point out any and all shortcomings and little problems, I think it is important to recognize and comment on the positive aspects of a job well done. Kyle, in particular, I feel, went above and beyond expectations and left with the comment: “Enjoy your new pool this summer.”

All in all a most pleasant experience with Stone Edge Design (whom we would highly recommend) from beginning to end and especially with this last crew.

To the crew at Stone Edge,

I want to thank you for the beautiful deck and for the way you communicated with me throughout this process. You were very professional, courteous and worked efficiently and did a thorough job.

Have a little treat on me, coffee and donuts, whatever, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Fran and I Thank You for a great project undertaken with quality workmanship and respect for our landscaping and home. All the confidence and faith we had in you came to fruition (110% gratification.)

Thank you for being you, a person of sincere trust and honesty in delivering us a beautiful pool to enjoy and admire for many years to come.

Dear Stephen Pappas and Staff,

It is not often that I send out a letter of praise and compliment!! I would like to thank you very much and all of your co-workers (e.g. Lisa, and the two fella’s who were sent out to diagnose my pool leaks and problems.) for my pool project.

Thank you so very much for all of your help!! And all your professional staff.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Stone Edge Design Inc. I am not sure who the company owner / owner’s are but I must say I give you a two thumbs up.

It is not often you get to deal with such a wonderful team of staff and people like yourselves. Feel free at any time to use me as a reference in the future. I will be happy to assist you as a reference in the future and or pass on your business cards and information to my co-workers at U-Mass Medical Center.

Kimberly C.
Thank you!

The guys did a great job on my wall and walkway! There were so polite and professional.

I will definitely call you again for future work and will recommend you to everyone I know!

Thanks again!

Our family has a Sholtz design home in Andover that had a very basic wooden deck out back that was put on by the original builder when we purchased the home. We were looking for an outdoor patio on which we could entertain and relax as a family. We envisioned an outdoor place that we could enjoy most of the year not just during the summer months. Holly has great vision but we needed to transform her ideas into a plan that could be built. We interviewed a number of contractors but Stone Edge was quick to assemble the whole team necessary for the job. They introduced us to a landscape architect who together with their own planning team were able to put together a master plan. Upon reviewing the final plan, it quickly matched our initial vision. It was large enough but still did not take over our back yard. It was complete with hot tub, adjacent fireplace, built-in grill, and pergola decorative detail to tie the patio into the house’s decor. The project was a major one which when finally completed also matched our vision. It was amazing the way Stone Edge could turn a vision into some plans and then eventually a final identical completed project. The best news was that although it was an expensive project, because it had been well thought out by Stone Edge, it was completed in accordance with our agreed upon budget.

The people at Stone Edge were terrific. Their best quality was keeping us apprised of what was to happen each week. Even if they were delayed due to weather or other circumstances, we were always informed. Joe Giodano took personal responsibility for overseeing the masonry for the project and was genuinely interested in making it a top class project. He even laid the Italian tile floor himself to insure that the final finish work was done to our desired perfection. Richard O’Reilly was a master at designing the spa starting first with measuring our family members for the pool’s dimensions. The tile work ended up gorgeous. He was helpful in teaching us how to operate the outdoor spa as well as personalizing the lights. Together their team completed our project on time. It has weathered two winters and thanks to their sturdy design appears positioned to last for decades to come.

Our outdoor room was completed precisely as we had imagined and we give Stone Edge high honors for their work.

Feel free to call us if you have any concerns or questions about their work.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of Stone Edge Design for you personalized attention and professionalism this past summer. It was a complete pleasure to work specifically with you and Stone Edge Design.

Several unforeseen problems were addressed and taken care of almost immediately. I also must commend you for being available to 24/7 as we completed the project. I know how rare it is in this day an age to get that kind of commitment.


Dear Sir,

I contracted Stone Edge Design in 2010, after speaking with your sales representative, Steve Pappas, one year earlier, when I was contemplating having our 20’ X 40’ gunite pool, built in 1978/80, redone. Honestly, it was a mess that we inherited when we purchased our home several years back. Although it operated, and the water was clean, every spring was unveiling a new “pool of horrors” with many tiles NOW on the pool bottom and new spots that would never come clean. It was clearly becoming an eye sore. So, when I was doing my research in 2009, I was fortunate enough to contact Steve Pappas, and discuss with him, what needed to be done, to get our pool back together in like new condition. I realized from speaking with Steve that the job needed to be done right, or it would become a much more costly improvement when it had to be done again, very soon, the right way. Steve’s honesty stuck with me to a point, where he was the only service provider that made the cut from the list of pool specialists I had compiled and called in my 2009 research. I decided at that point that Steve’s recommendations were the ONLY way to have to pool repaired to new condition. Steve was very impressive in his knowledge of industry, while being patient with me, making sure that I understood everything that was needed to do the job properly. He also gave me a rough idea of what the costs maybe, associated with a total rebuilding of the gunite, tiles, and coping. I am basically a pool novice and could easily frustrate a professional, but not Steve. He answered all my questions, shared valuable information, and suggested that he would rather it was done properly for my sake, as that was the most important from a operational stand point. He left me with a lasting impression as a consummate professional!

I decided this was the year to get our pool done (2010), and started on a new calling list with Stone Edge Design at the top of my list. In the end, after having two other similar quotes and a few cheaper quotes, I easily decided that I would go with Stone Edge Design because of your company’s pristine reputation, Steve’s patience, honesty, and his assurance on his company’s behalf, to have the ability to get the job done with the utmost professionalism and quality. I have to say, since the job has been completed, I could not be more impressed and pleased with the completed job! I have already received numerous compliments on it and it has only been a month since completed!

Steve’s fellow employees were the easiest group of young men and women that I have EVER worked with. The workers showed up on time, were very respectful of our property and privacy (Bob and others, as an example), while being courteous, and friendly, and working diligently to get the job done properly. Lisa was extremely helpful with ALL aspects of the job, such as scheduling, pool information that I would need to ensure that the pool would run as efficiently as possible, while maintaining an inviting and beautiful backyard environment. Lisa did an amazing job, providing me with almost daily updates and scheduling. Steve and Lisa’s guidance were essential, as there are more decisions to be made when redoing a gunite pool, than one might imagine. I admire the fact that you have obviously worked hard to have highly capable, honest, professional, and hard working employees.

In all honesty, I don’t typically write letters to a company’s president, of a firm, which I have contracted to get work done on my property. I feel that paying the contractor for their services is recognition enough. However, in this circumstance, I feel compelled to write a letter to express my extreme happiness in my dealings with Steve Pappas, who first involved me with Stone Edge Design. Through his honesty and knowledge in his industry, brought me back to Stone Edge Design when it was time to get the job done. He was very impressive, and I can’t state that point enough. Lisa, who made the whole job effortless (on my behalf ONLY), while keeping me in the know from start to finish. One again, can’t forget to mention ALL the employees who worked diligently to get the job done right, while keeping your customer more satisfied than ever expected. Our pool looks fabulous. Thank You!!

Thank you for teams dedication, honesty, customer service, and support. I will always make Stone Edge Design the only company I reference when a friend or acquaintance is looking for the BEST pool company going!!


Dear Dan and Joe,

Well, here we are spring at last and we are anxiously awaiting our pool opening in May. Despite this terrible winter, all of the decking and the Loop Loc cover which was heavily laden with snow from December through March, seems to have survived splendidly.

We can’t thank you enough for the great job you and your crew did building our pool last summer. Although many people had told us: “Don’t plan on swimming in that pool until Labor Day.” And, “Be prepared, your whole yard will be destroyed.” You told us exactly what to expect in terms of where the trucks would be driving across the yard, and worked hard to minimize the impact on the lawn. You said you would have the pool built within four weeks , began digging on June 16th(as you said you would) and put on the finishing touches by July 16th.

Although we were fortunate that we didn’t run into any ledge that might have made excavation more costly and we certainly didn’t have many rainy days during the project, there were no hidden costs, no delays, and no surprises. Everyone in your office was very responsive to our numerous calls and questions, and kept us informed of each stage in the process and schedule, and coordinated effortlessly with other contractors, such as our plumber and electrician.

Any major home improvement –type project is not without its challenges. The difference between successful and unsuccessful project outcomes is how these challenges are managed. You and your team worked honestly and openly to address the few, inevitable glitches we encountered and took responsibility for making sure each part of the job was done right –even if it required several visits to solve a problem.

We are so happy with our decision to build a pool and we are so fortunate to have worked with such a professional, top-notch crew. And we can’t wait for the summer’s first splash! Thanks again for everything.